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Press note.
Posted on 26-Jul-2017
Press note.
The Human Resource Development Department, Government of Sikkim has
been conducting programme under the flagship programme of the
Government of India named EK BHARAT SHRESTHA BHARAT as per the MoU
signed between Govt. of NCT, Delhi and Government of Sikkim in February
2017. Under this programme, several States of India are paired up with other
States for exchange and understanding of social, cultural, geographical,
traditional, educational and other values of paired up States. Sikkim is paired
up with the NCT Delhi for 2017. It may be mentioned here that there are
various programmes that are to be done between the paired states.
As per the schedule of the various programmes to be done between the paired
states, one of the programmes is exchange of teachers between the NCT Delhi
and Sikkim. A total of 12(twelve) teachers from Sikkim are visiting Delhi to
participate in the Teachers Exchange Programme that is to be held w.e.f July
24, 2017 to July 28, 2017. In Delhi, these teachers will have exposure to various
government and private schools as well as have exchange of ideas and
initiatives of the Government of NCT, New Delhi on uplifting the Education
scenario. They will be visiting several schools in Delhi and also participating in a
presentation by the NCERT, visits to Thyagraj Stadium, Chatrasal Stadium, and
Bharat Nagar Stadium at Jhandewalan swimming pool and participate in
presentations with focus on various interventions and activities with the NGO
partnership for holistic development of the Government schools in Delhi.
Shri Bhim Thatal, Director Primary Education and SPD, SSA took a meeting with
representative teachers from the districts and held a briefing session before
they start for Delhi. The Director advised the participating teacher for
exchange programme to learn maximum out of this programme and bring back
the experiences and ensure transfer of these learnings in their workplace. The
selected teachers will leave Sikkim are being lodged at the YMCA Hostel in New
Delhi. Among the selected teachers, four of them are from East District, three
from West, two from North and three teachers are from South. Selection of
these teachers are dong from across the Primary and Graduate levels and as
per the proportion of the schools in each districts by the concerned district
Further, there are many programmes to be exchanged between the paired
states. Immediately after our teachers visit to Delhi, we shall be receiving same
number of teachers from Delhi who will visit various schools in Sikkim.
Similarly, students exchange programme, cultural exchange, mountaineering
etc. will follow shortly between the paired states as per the MOU. The
expenditure incurred in journey period is to be borne by the respective states.
However, the entire cost of food, lodge and travel during the programme shall
be borne by the host State as decided.
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