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Educational Quality Improvement Program(EQUIP), Sikkim EQUIP Associates
Posted on 05-Oct-2017
Educational Quality Improvement Program(EQUIP), Sikkim
EQUIP Associates
About EQUIP 
The Educational Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP), Sikkim, is an innovative project closely working with the Human Resource Development Department (HRDD), Sikkim. It serves as a platform of collaboration, ideation and co-creation of solutions between teachers, principals, government education bodies and innovative external organizations to:
1) Create Education Leaders - Support principals and teachers to be the best leaders they can be to lead the process of transformation in their schools; 
2) Transform Pedagogy - Develop a nurturing and supportive pedagogy in language and arithmetic learning which facilitates learning. 
3) Mobilize for Systemic Reform – Establish a collaborative and learning culture across the system, from school to the administration and policy level to mobilize for systemic reform. 
EQUIP is in its Pilot year with the program currently rolled out in 8 Senior Secondary Schools and will be scaled up to another 100 schools in 2018.
About the EQUIP Associates (8 positions)
We are seeking 8 dynamic and enterprising EQUIP Associates to head the activities of the EQUIP program in the 8 cluster of schools in the year 2018. Each Associate will be planning and managing activities of the EQUIP program in a cluster of 6-10 schools. The Associateship will be for 2 years and each associate will also be engaged in a professional development induction program at the beginning of their EQUIP Associate Program. The Associates we are seeking are individuals who are passionate and driven about working to transform school systems. 
1. Work closely with one cluster of 6-10 Government schools to plan and coordinate the different components of the EQUIP program. 
2. Plan and initiate activities to strengthen the cluster that they will be working with.
3. Support the Teacher Facilitators (teacher leaders facilitating teacher learning groups in schools) and the Principals in planning, designing and conducting group learning sessions within the schools.
4. Build relationships with government education system counterparts at the cluster and block level.
5. Track finances of the program at their cluster level.
6. Plan for documentation of processes, success stories and innovations coming out of their cluster.
7. The Associate will be stationed in the EQUIP Pilot School – a Senior Secondary school – and will engage in building the school as a physical cluster resource centre that is a functioning space with resources and activities for the cluster teachers and principals to come together to learn.
8. The Associates will be stationed in different schools across the state and will report to the EQUIP Head office in Gangtok.
9. The Associateship will entail local travel within the cluster on a regular basis.
Candidate profile and experience prerequisites
1. A passion for education
2. A passion for the mission of EQUIP
3. Strong planning and organizational skills
4. At-least 1 year of experience in the education space
5. Previous program management experience strongly preferred
6. Minimum Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree preferred
7. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
8. Proficiency in Nepali a plus
9. Ability to build relationships with stakeholders
10. Ability to work in a team and independently
Rs. 20,000 per month.
How to Apply
Please send a resume (not more than 2 pages) and 500-word Statement of Purpose expressing why you are an ideal candidate for the EQUIP Associate Position to 
All application related queries can be directed to or to +91-7384061009.
The deadline for application is 15th October 2017.
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