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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Message from Principal Secretary, HRDD

The emergence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are rapidly transforming the way citizens interact not only with each other but also with public service utilities, Government Institutions and private businesses. It has been proved that the use of these ICT tools have facilitated speedier, more efficient delivery of public services, restructuring administrative processes and in improving internal efficiency.

In order to achieve all these, the Department of Human Resource Development has now launched a web portal of its own as wherein all the information of the Department and useful forms have been uploaded. I hope that the users find its features useful and help get the desired information. Our effort in launching these E-Governance projects have always been with the primary intention of having more citizen focused, mission driven, result oriented, transparent and accountable system.

We are at the initial stage of the project and we assure you that there will be lots of additions in the future and also the portal shall be regularly updated so that the users get the latest information.

My best wishes and congratulations to the entire team who have worked for developing this web portal.



(Mr. G.P.Upadhyaya)

Principal Secretary/HRDD