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North District Office

Name of the office: Human Resource Development Department (North)

Head of Office: Joint Director / North

Location: Human Resource Development Department (North) Mangan

Total man power and their Designation and Phone Nos:

SI.No Name Designation Office Ph.No
1. Shri.Sonam Lepcha Joint Director HRDD (N) 9475544535
2. Shri.Sonam Tashi Lepcha Dy Director HRDD (N) 7602530769
3. Sri P.R.Dulal Dy Director SSA/HRDD/N 8145895167
4. Mrs. Tshering Yangdon Bhutia Dy.Sect. HRDD (N) 9434127543
5. Mr. Tempa Rinzing Bhutia AD HRNN (N) 9679272609
6. Mr.Pempa Tshering Lepcha AEO Textbook HRDD (N) 9434179096
7. Mr.Robindong AEO Passingdong GVK 9434256872
8. Mr.Chochung Lepcha AEO Mangan GVK 8016677691
9. Ms.Tshering Choden Bhutia UDC HRDD (N) 8670955290
10. Mr.Mani Kumar Rai UDC HRDD (N) 9832304382
11. Mr. Thupden N. Bhutia LDC HRDD (N) 7872882696
12. Mr. Mahesh Gurung LDC HRDD (N) 9593368605
13. Ms. Sanjaya Gurung LDC HRDD (N) 7797881928
14. Mr.Durga Prasad Sharma LDC HRDD (N) 9467985200
15. Mrs.Kaushila Sharma LDC HRDD (N) 9734032766
16. Mr.Sonam Topgay Bhutia LDC HRDD (N) 7602099407
17. Mrs.Rup Maya biswakarma LDC HRDD (N) 8670378249
18. Mr.Ashis Rai LDC HRDD (N) 7585904667
19. Mr.Anand Pradhan Co-ordinator HRDD (N) 8900578107
20. Mr. Palden Lepcha Peon HRDD (N) 9564992518
21. Mr I.B. Panday Peon HRDD (N) 9564992518
22. H.K.Gurung Peon HRDD (N) 9434406886
23. Lharap Lepcha Peon HRDD (N) 8972035310
24. B.B.Panday Peon HRDD (N) 9735022801
25. Bikash Subba Peon HRDD (N) 9732890982
26. Kalyan Gurung Peon HRDD (N) 8145831725
27. Nim Tshering Lepcha Driver HRDD (N) NA
28. Hirdalal Mangar Driver HRDD (N) NA
29. Tula Bikram Karki Driver HRDD (N) NA
1. Mr. Tempo Tashi Bhutia Account Officer HRDD (N) 9474354332
2. Mrs.Lucky Kazi Jr.Accountant HRDD (N) NA
3. Mrs.Karma Doma Bhutia Jr.Accountant HRDD (N) 9474058409
4. Mr. Karma Tenzing Bhutia Jr.Accountant HRDD (N) 9733328477
1. Mr. C.B. Chettri Asst. Engineer HRDD (N) 9733339270
2. Mrs. Tseten Dolma Bhutia LDC HRDD (N) 8145891618
1. Mr.Thinlay Namgyal Lepcha AEO MDM/HRDD (N) 9679889204

Activities, work being done by the office:
Administration works, school inspection, Conducting Meeting to mobilize public regarding Panchayati Raj at BAC Levcel with public & Panchyats , SSA MDM Scheme.

Latest Annual Report: Nil

Details of Govt. scheme, Central sponsor scheme (if any) being implemented under the section:
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Mid –Day –meal & TLC/PLP.

Forms useful for general public and Departmental employees: Nil

Any other information that can be useful for general public and departmental employee: Nil

Notices/ Circulars : Nil