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West District Office

Name of the office: Human Resource Development Department (West)

Head of Office: Joint Director / West

Location: Human Resource Development Department (West), Tikjuk

Total man power and their Designation and Phone Nos:

SI.No Name Designation Office Ph.No
1. Mrs. T.Eden Joint Director HRDD (W) 9434127069
2. Mr.J.K.Basnett Dy Director HRDD (W) 9609761661
3. Mrs. K.D.Bhutia Dy Director HRDD (W) 9593974522
4. Mr.P.L.Sharma Dy Director HRDD (W) 9800654426
5. Mr. K.C.Gyatso Dy Director HRDD,Yuksom Sub- Div 9434164495
6. Mr. P.S.Subba Dy Director HRDD,Yuksom Sub- Div 9733110015
7. Mr. H.P.Shanker Dy Director HRDD,Yuksom Sub- Div 9734142735
8. Mr. T.Penzo Sherpa AD B.Martam GVK 9735909684
9. Mr. P.G.Bhutia AD Yuksom GVK 9735095543
10. Mr. A.B.Subba AD Daramdin GVK 9733195014
11. Mr. M.K.Khawa AD Soreng GVK 9733084968
12. Mr. Raju Bhandari AEO Geyzing GVK 9647873066
13. Mr. Angu Tshering AEO Chongrang GVK 9733076247
14. Mr. D.N.Sharma AEO Dentam GVK 8348133742
15. Mr. M.K.Shanker AEO Kaluk GVK 9593382380
16. Mr. Ichang Subba AEO Soreng GVK 9733432239
17. Mr. Harendra Subba AEO Daramdin GVK 8670377602
18. Mr. C.T.Sherpa AEO HRDD (W) 7797895911

Activities, work being done by the office:
Administration works, school inspection, Conducting Meeting to mobilize public regarding Panchayati Raj at BAC Levcel with public & Panchyats , SSA MDM Scheme.

Latest Annual Report: Nil

Details of Govt. scheme, Central sponsor scheme (if any) being implemented under the section:
Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Mid –Day –meal & TLC/PLP.

Forms useful for general public and Departmental employees: Nil

Any other information that can be useful for general public and departmental employee: Nil

Notices/ Circulars : Nil